Blue Flower

Seattle's heading into a great summer. It’s been sunny and warm; perfect for walking the neighborhood, local road trips, and taking family bicycle rides. We’re all spending more time outside, soaking up the wonderful Puget Sound weather.

Can You See to Drive Safely?
It was raining and dark outside for my drive home a few days ago. I was in the left turn lane, waiting to enter the freeway on-ramp near Mountlake Terrace. I noticed a black SUV beside me, driven by a squinting, middle aged man. He was trying hard to merge into my lane leading to Northbound I-5.

Should You have Lasik Vision Surgery? I used to chat frequently with a patient who worked near our doctor's office. He had the most severe nearsightedness I'd even seen. With vision about -20.00 in both eyes, he had to wear special "coke bottle" glasses full time. They weren't like the lightweight glasses you and I wear; they were truly heavy.