Blue Flower

Should You have Lasik Vision Surgery? I used to chat frequently with a patient who worked near our doctor's office. He had the most severe nearsightedness I'd even seen. With vision about -20.00 in both eyes, he had to wear special "coke bottle" glasses full time. They weren't like the lightweight glasses you and I wear; they were truly heavy.


I'd certainly never attempt to drive without my glasses or contacts; nothing down the road is in focus; I can only see large, fuzzy shapes in different colors. I cannot fathom how difficult daily vision is for this young man. Virtually anything beyond his nose is out of range before he puts his glasses on. He has never experienced peripheral vision; only his center line of sight is corrected. He does not experience sight the same way you or I can; he sees life as a fishbowl, with only the center in focus.

Recently, free corrective surgery was offered to him through his optometrist's medical network. He declined. He's so afraid of losing what vision he does enjoy, that the chance of compromising his vision - even while attempting to correct his vision - was unthinkable. He steadfastly wears his heavy, specialty glasses every day, grateful for the vision he does enjoy.