Blue Flower

His viewpoint on what vision means to him is 20/20. I applaud his hesitation to act. I know that when he does choose to have surgical intervention, he'll appreciate his improved quality of life, and he’ll be happy with his new vision, even if it’s not perfect.

He taught me a good lesson; did he really need eye surgery? He wasn't sure if trying to improve his vision was worth the risk. Becoming less severely reliant on his glasses was something he'd never considered; much less ever personally experiencing excellent vision. He is pleased with his lot in life; and this new possibility, although attractive, wasn't required for his happiness.

Lasik, and other vision correction procedures, are useful and wonderful tools, but there is more to it than just improving your vision. You should begin with an expert evaluation to see if you're a good candidate for the procedure, and discuss your expectations with your trusted eyecare professional.

Remember, your eye care provider is here to make sure you're always wearing the most beautiful designer frames and protective sunglasses - whatever your vision.

- Stacey Mayer