Blue Flower

Can You See to Drive Safely?
It was raining and dark outside for my drive home a few days ago. I was in the left turn lane, waiting to enter the freeway on-ramp near Mountlake Terrace. I noticed a black SUV beside me, driven by a squinting, middle aged man. He was trying hard to merge into my lane leading to Northbound I-5.

There were traffic lights one hundred feet ahead of us, clearly marking two left turn lanes, but he'd essentially blocked his lane, waiting to merge into mine. The entire lane was empty ahead of him.

He began to tap his horn repeatedly, in his attempt to enter the far left lane. Poor guy; it appeared the traffic lights were effectively beyond his range of vision. He finally darted into my lane a few cars behind me, and eventually, both lanes turned left, and entered the long freeway on-ramp.