Blue Flower


Can You Read the Signs?

 Sometime ago, while I was at my neighborhood swimming pool with my daughters, I noticed another person squinting. We'd gone to the showers just a few minutes before, when a young man walked into the women's shower rooms.


I'd just come out of a shower stall, wrapped in a big, bright orange beach towel. I watched him, as he began to turn my way, and yelled, "Hey! This is the women's showers!" He apologized like mad, and scrambled back out to the pool. We heard his friends laugh at him as he headed away towards the men's showers.


I understood his problem. I caught him, focusing carefully on his feet. Oh, boy. He wasn't wearing his glasses. The "women's" sign, high on the wall, was outside his range of vision. After I described his vision predicament to the other women, we laughed, knowing at least he couldn't see us, either!