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Can You See to Drive Safely?
It was raining and dark outside for my drive home a few days ago. I was in the left turn lane, waiting to enter the freeway on-ramp near Mountlake Terrace. I noticed a black SUV beside me, driven by a squinting, middle aged man. He was trying hard to merge into my lane leading to Northbound I-5.

There were traffic lights one hundred feet ahead of us, clearly marking two left turn lanes, but he'd essentially blocked his lane, waiting to merge into mine. The entire lane was empty ahead of him.

He began to tap his horn repeatedly, in his attempt to enter the far left lane. Poor guy; it appeared the traffic lights were effectively beyond his range of vision. He finally darted into my lane a few cars behind me, and eventually, both lanes turned left, and entered the long freeway on-ramp.


Can You Read the Signs?

 Sometime ago, while I was at my neighborhood swimming pool with my daughters, I noticed another person squinting. We'd gone to the showers just a few minutes before, when a young man walked into the women's shower rooms.


I'd just come out of a shower stall, wrapped in a big, bright orange beach towel. I watched him, as he began to turn my way, and yelled, "Hey! This is the women's showers!" He apologized like mad, and scrambled back out to the pool. We heard his friends laugh at him as he headed away towards the men's showers.


I understood his problem. I caught him, focusing carefully on his feet. Oh, boy. He wasn't wearing his glasses. The "women's" sign, high on the wall, was outside his range of vision. After I described his vision predicament to the other women, we laughed, knowing at least he couldn't see us, either!


 Remember Your Last Eye Exam?

 Their vision difficulties affected both the SUV driver, and the young swimmer. I recognized possible vision problems because of my experience as an optician, and fellow glasses wearer. I've watched several men walk, then suddenly stop, just before entering the women's showers, and I've met many patients who could no longer see well enough to drive safely, when they thought their vision was still, "just fine".

Eye Exams After Forty


If you haven't seen an optometrist for several years, (or ever,) you may be like the man watching his feet, as he walks into the wrong showers. If you're driving a vehicle, the consequences are no laughing matter.

We see many patients after they attempt to renew their driver's license at the Lynnwood, WA Department of Motor Vehicles, (DMV), and fail the vision test. Looking over their new prescription, they quickly realize new glasses will make a big difference in their quality of life, and ability to drive safely.


We might chuckle with the nearsighted swimmer, but if you're driving, make an appointment to see your eye doctor before you take the eye test at the DMV.


We want to be sure you drive home safely.