Blue Flower

Seattle's heading into a great summer. It’s been sunny and warm; perfect for walking the neighborhood, local road trips, and taking family bicycle rides. We’re all spending more time outside, soaking up the wonderful Puget Sound weather.

After a recent shopping trip, I opened my car windows completely for the short drive home. My daughter and I were happily chatting, and as I turned into our driveway, my husband was mowing the lawn near the driveway. Suddenly, our car was peppered with a flurry of rocks, hard clods of grass, and clumps of dry dirt.

We weren’t prepared - and narrowly missed being hit in the eyes by several nasty projectiles. My daughter’s sunglasses protected her eyes, and my glasses shielded me, too. I thought of my neighbor’s recent injury. He wasn’t quite so lucky.

Earlier in the month, a rock chip struck his eye while he was mowing, and he needed a trip to the ER to remove the nasty little shard from the white of his eye. Thankfully, his eyesight will recover, but he learned a painful, expensive lesson; no more mowing without eye protection.