Blue Flower


With Seattle’s plentiful cedar, fir, and dogwood trees, the deadfall of sticks often presents an obstacle to safe mowing. When we were kids, my sisters and I would pick up the fallen sticks for Dad, usually working before he’d start the mower.

During one pass of the lawn, Dad got ahead of his young “spotting crew”. A dogwood seed-pod, hidden in the grass, flew out of the mower to strike the corner of my eye. My glasses deflected it, but I had a “shiner” for days! Lawn mowing with protective eyewear is a must.

We’ll enjoy a long streak of sunny weather, and our frequent lawn mowing will eventually slow down. Our neighborhoods will be filled with golden grass as the days lengthen. Outdoor activities are moving to the beaches, parks, and lakes, as the warm temperatures encourage us to head for the hills, or water.