Blue Flower

Seattle's heading into a great summer. It’s been sunny and warm; perfect for walking the neighborhood, local road trips, and taking family bicycle rides. We’re all spending more time outside, soaking up the wonderful Puget Sound weather.

After a recent shopping trip, I opened my car windows completely for the short drive home. My daughter and I were happily chatting, and as I turned into our driveway, my husband was mowing the lawn near the driveway. Suddenly, our car was peppered with a flurry of rocks, hard clods of grass, and clumps of dry dirt.

We weren’t prepared - and narrowly missed being hit in the eyes by several nasty projectiles. My daughter’s sunglasses protected her eyes, and my glasses shielded me, too. I thought of my neighbor’s recent injury. He wasn’t quite so lucky.

Earlier in the month, a rock chip struck his eye while he was mowing, and he needed a trip to the ER to remove the nasty little shard from the white of his eye. Thankfully, his eyesight will recover, but he learned a painful, expensive lesson; no more mowing without eye protection.


With Seattle’s plentiful cedar, fir, and dogwood trees, the deadfall of sticks often presents an obstacle to safe mowing. When we were kids, my sisters and I would pick up the fallen sticks for Dad, usually working before he’d start the mower.

During one pass of the lawn, Dad got ahead of his young “spotting crew”. A dogwood seed-pod, hidden in the grass, flew out of the mower to strike the corner of my eye. My glasses deflected it, but I had a “shiner” for days! Lawn mowing with protective eyewear is a must.

We’ll enjoy a long streak of sunny weather, and our frequent lawn mowing will eventually slow down. Our neighborhoods will be filled with golden grass as the days lengthen. Outdoor activities are moving to the beaches, parks, and lakes, as the warm temperatures encourage us to head for the hills, or water.

As you enjoy the outdoors, remember; wearing your sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun, and they’ll also protect your eyes while driving with your car windows wide open, riding the bike trails together, or hiking in the woods; where tree branches swing back into your face.

Soon, we’ll be headed into the sunny days, and chilly nights of September. Let's ensure we bring our families back from their outdoor adventures safe and sound, ready to enjoy another season of great Northwest fall color with clear eyes.